We have been advised by Customs & Quarantine that their fees used in the calculation of the Electronic Entry Fee are now increasing.

The government has decided to expand the types of bio-security activities to be cost recovered under the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines.

This includes bio-security assurance, analytics and risk mitigation activities. These are critical to managing the risks posed by goods and vessels coming into the country.

The new customs compile fees are as follows:

            $1,000 ~ $10,000 AUD            At/Over $10,000 AUD
     Old   New    Old    New
Airfreight $83.00 $88.00 $185.00 $191.00
Sea freight $92.00 $99.00 $194.00 $201.00

For more information, please see below link to the official post by the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources:


Thank you.